Product Overview



Package Concierge® & Florence


  • Package Concierge founded in 2012 – based in Medfield, MA - founders have 25+ years of multifamily industry experience
  • Florence Corp and Package Concierge formed a strategic alliance in April 2013 and we launched our first product together in November 2013
  • Florence develops and manufactures the automated locker systems and Package Concierge develops the software front-end management system
  • Package Concierge® was acquired by Gibraltar Industries in 2017 and is now a “sister” company to Florence   
  • Package Concierge®  was first to market with automated package management locker systems specifically designed for the apartment industry
  • Over the last five (5) years the Package Concierge team has introduced the benefits of automated locker systems to apartment owners and managers and our systems have become expected” amenities in mail/package rooms
  • We look forward to sharing the Package Concierge advantage with you too!

Market Leader

  • 25+ million package transactions

  • 1300+ installations

  • Nearly 350,000 users 

  • Located in 39 states

  • $1B parent company

  • 85 years experience - design and manufacturing delivery equipment

  • Business stats change daily! 


The Package Concierge Advantage


1. Package Concierge® is both a Community and Resident based system
2. Software and system is purpose-built around multifamily operational needs
3. Only system on the market that is not a transaction based system
4. Our Resident-based system provides personalized service such as:
i.  Multiple package pick-up using (1) UserID barcode/PIN - all doors pop open!
ii.  Allows Resident to use (1) UserID barcode/PIN to perform all functions
iii. Eliminates requirement to enter a transaction code for every package
5. Returns/Shipping can be initiated for use by Residents & Property Manager
6. Residents can also use our system to transfer items to others (Peer2Peer)
7. RFID feature on Premier systems allows community key fobs to be used
8. Package Concierge® Team provides customized onboarding for clients
9. Accurate resident data is facilitated via a customized plan established with client
10. Finishes of lockers and mailboxes are a precise match since both made by Florence
11. Our products have been designed for compliance, accessibility and durability
i.  Package Concierge® lockers passed stringent testing and are ETL-Listed products
ii. Our products meet all the requirements of the Fair Housing Act

The Package Concierge® Collection

Package Concierge® Premier

Premier Series Locker Systems

Package Concierge® Express

Express Series Locker Systems

Package Concierge® Room

Package Room Access Control System

The following sections highlight important components of the Package Concierge® system:

  • Software – purpose built to serve the needs of multifamily communities
  • Hardware -  we provide the broadest line of package management equipment 
  • Optional Features – software and hardware options to meet varying business needs
  • Service/Support – U.S. based 24/7 customer service and product technical support 


How Package Concierge® Works – The Basics


Carrier delivers package directly into the Package Concierge lockers … quick, intuitive process averaging < 8 seconds!

Resident/User receives email or text notification that package has been delivered.

User retrieves their package by entering their User ID or simply scanning the bar code in their email or mobile app.





Locker compartment now open and ready for the next package delivery!


Why this Amenity Makes Sense for Property Managers


Convenience and Customer Satisfaction
  • Property Management personnel spending lots of time managing packages … and based on online ordering trends … it’s only going to get worse! 
  • Package Concierge®  eliminates package management work allowing staff to focus on higher value activities. 


Provide Value-Add Service to Increase Staff Capacity
  • Packages stored in secure lockers reduce the risk of theft or loss
  • Residents can retrieve packages at their convenience – even outside property office hours 
  • Self-service convenient access to packages on users own schedule


Package Concierge® Software

Monitoring of installed systems

Personalized training/onboarding provided

Customer Service provided via phone/email

Software updates performed remotely

Management team support

Management Portal

• Resident oriented functionality unique to Package Concierge®

• User updates simple and easy to manage using web-based portal

• “Community” based system … only users authorized by management may use system

• Reporting across properties provided - tracking customer data, system transactions, capacity utilization, “stale” packages, delivery carriers, locker size trends, pick-up times, and more!

Resident Portal

• Resident users specify communications preference, indicate accessibility/reach access needs and more using their Profile


Package Concierge® Mobile App

• Authorized Users may download the Package Concierge app allowing them to keep all their profile options and package transactions at their fingertips

User Friendly Management Dashboard

(Available to owner defined system management portal users)

Current Packages



Locker Availability



Resident Registration



Locker Activity



Carrier Usage



Billing Overview



Customer-Focused Feature Options

Resident Portal & Mobile App



• Set preferred notifications (text, email, call or push notification)
• Indicate accessibility need – selection limits reach to 48”
• Easy access barcode to retrieve packages

Shipping & Returns Process Feature


• Optional - each property can decide if they wish to offer
• Returns are simply “reverse deliveries” by customer for carrier pickup
• Feature increases value of  this amenity because it adds a convenience for users.
• Carriers no longer have to make extra trips to pick up outbound shipments or returns.

“Peer to Peer”


• A one-time transaction can be set up for a known individual to securely pick up or drop off an item.

Examples might include …


Project paperwork transfer
Florist delivery for colleague
Key exchange for visitor
Uses are endless!


Shipping & Peer-to-Peer features available at no additional charge.

Feature will be enabled during customer onboarding process if customer wants them.   

Other Key Features & Services

All delivery carriers use the Package Concierge® It’s quick and easy averaging <8 seconds per delivery.


White Glove Installation & Service



Package Concierge® and its  network of installation and service providers ensure your project will be executed professionally and with great care 

Package Concierge® developed software scripts that work with multifamily software to provide accurate, convenient resident data management. Our team establishes a data management plan with each property management client.



The Package Concierge® system meets accessibility requirements of the Fair Housing Act


Accessibility is managed through our software. When residents register on our system, they can privately indicate that they have an accessibility need. When a Resident selects “ADA” in their profile, all packages will only deliver into lockers that are 48” or lower on the system. We are also the only system that meets the 15” low reach spec.