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Delivery/Return Information

1.     Replacement Orders

If it is necessary for a product to be reordered/replaced due to error, loss or freight damage, customer should contact Academy Mailbox to discuss details of required replacement order. In some cases, it may also be necessary for the customer to submit a written order, or some other form of documentation, depending on the situation.

Regardless of fault, Academy Mailbox will strive to ship all replacement product or parts as quickly as possible when issues or errors arise.

If the issue is determined to be manufacturer error, replacement product required will be billed, the original invoice credited, and Academy Mailbox standard warranty will apply covering costs of furnishing the replacement part or product. However, labor or other incidental charges associated with the replacement process are not covered under warranty.

2.     Returns Handling

A return request must be submitted to Academy Mailbox within 30 days of ship date to initiate a request for return.  No returns will be accepted after 30 days from the original ship date.

The customer should be prepared to supply information as requested for the return such as:

 1. original order details

 2. return issue details

 3. product serial number(s)

 4. photographs if applicable

Upon approval and agreement of return terms, an RMA number will be generated by Academy Mailbox and issued to the customer. Only after an RMA number has been assigned should product be shipped back to Academy Mailbox. The assigned RMA number should be clearly visible on package labels and shipping documentation.

Returned products are inspected upon receipt. The RMA credit amount initially communicated by Customer Service may be adjusted based on condition of the actual returned item once received.

3.     Returned Goods Eligibility

Standard product will be accepted for return within 30 days of invoice date with a 30% restock charge. Outbound freight is not credited as part of the return. Return freight charges are the responsibility of the customer.  Returns due to an Academy Mailbox error in processing or manufacturing will be accepted for standard or nonstandard product. If a return is the result of manufacturer defect – costs associated with the original product and outbound freight will be credited and restock fees will not apply. In addition, return freight will be arranged and return freight charges will be absorbed by Academy Mailbox.

Non-standard product cannot be returned for credit. The only exceptions are manufacturing defects or errors which will be handled as previously defined.

4.     Freight Policies

 Freight Carrier Selection

    All Academy Mailbox product shipments are via common carrier or by parcel carrier ground service. Carrier options will change periodically as Academy Mailbox negotiates programs with multiple carriers annually. Should a specific carrier be required that is not in the core carrier options, the customer is responsible for arranging the shipment/pickup and working directly with selected carrier for billing.

5.     Shipping Processes & Special Freight Services

Academy Mailbox products ship via parcel or common carrier F.O.B. Manhattan, Kansas (origin), with freight charges prepaid by Academy Mailbox. Product ordered becomes the property of the customer once shipment leaves Academy Mailbox premises.

Special shipping requests must be included on the original order for proper handling and billing. Some special service requests may result in charges added to the invoice. Special services listed below, but not limited to, will likely result in additional freight charges:

 · Storage

 · Extra Labor

 · Driver Assist

 · Guaranteed Timekeeper Delivery

 · Union Delivery

 · High Cost/Remote Region Delivery

 · Re-Delivery – if requested by a consignee

 · Inside Delivery – when carrier is requested to move all or part of a shipment to a position beyond the point directly accessible or immediately adjacent to the delivery vehicle.

Lift-gate/Tailgate Delivery is included with your base freight rate. However, the PO you submit must note that Lift-gate delivery is required for it to be scheduled with your order.

6.     Freight Rates, Allowance and Billing

Order shipment freight charges are generally prepaid by Academy Mailbox and invoiced to the customer – a process referred to as “Prepay & Add”. If the customer requests shipment be billed third party, the third party account number will be required to process the order. Academy Mailbox provides the customer with predetermined freight rates. These freight rates include standard delivery, lift gate delivery, call before notifications, and residential delivery when notated on the order. Should shipments require any other special handling (off-loading, inside delivery, union delivery, etc…), those charges will be communicated and paid for at the time of order.  

Freight terms apply to shipments within the 48 contiguous states (Continental U.S.).

Any shipment destined outside of the Continental U.S. is forwarded freight “Collect” for the portion beyond the destination ocean shipping point/port.

Academy Mailbox provides free shipping for purchase orders shipping to a single location that meet specific order value minimums.

Expedited freight charges, special handling, and/or freight charges outside of the Continental U.S. will be charged separately.

7.     Shipment Inspection and Freight Claims

Customer is responsible for inspecting shipments and/or informing customers receiving products that shipments must be inspected thoroughly upon receipt. Product becomes the responsibility of the customer as soon as it ships from the manufacturer.

As a service to the customer, Academy Mailbox may file a freight claim on the customers behalf if the loss or damage is noted at the time of delivery and under the following terms and conditions:

 1. Carrier used must have been selected by Academy Mailbox and not third party billed.

 2. Recipient of the goods included in shipment must:

    a. Make a visual inspection of the product and cartons and clearly note the physical condition of cartons included in the delivery.

    b. Sign the carrier’s delivery receipt as “short” or “damaged”. Notations must specifically identify the carton and/or product damage upon delivery and in the presence of the delivering carrier.

        i. For example - "one carton punctured"…"one carton dented on front side"… "delivery receipt shows six boxes, only received five."

    c. Refuse damaged product. Refuse only damaged item - not the entire shipment.

        i. NOTE: If damaged product is accepted - contact Academy Mailbox within 5 business days of receipt with claim details.

        Retain product in location where shipment was received. Do not move the product to another location or claim will not be filed.

    d. Communicate shipment shortage/damage to Academy Mailbox within 5 days of delivery.

 3. The following information must be provided to Academy Mailbox for a claim to be considered:

    a. An Academy Mailbox order number or customer order ID.

    b. Product/model identifier that was damaged or shorted.

    c. Photograph of carton and product damage - this is required for any product that was accepted by recipient as damaged.

    d. Detailed description of the type of damage incurred and type of repair or replacement parts necessary to correct the situation so that replacement method/parts can be determined.

    e. If a product is installed - under no circumstances will Academy Mailbox file a freight claim or be responsible for damage.

If terms and conditions outlined above are not followed, the freight incident is considered undocumented and Academy Mailbox will not file a claim of damage or loss on customer’s behalf.

Undocumented freight-related order incidents will result in the following actions:

 1. Academy Mailbox will process a chargeable replacement order for customer.

 2. Academy Mailbox will provide the customer with freight carrier contact details if the customer wishes to file a claim directly with the carrier for loss or damage.